6 Traditional Skin Beauty Treatments

Indonesia has natural wealth in the form of spices. This spice is not only used as a spice for cooking but also has properties for traditional medicine. Not only that, but this spice can also be used for beauty ingredients.

Since ancient times there have been various kinds of beauty care methods. Natural ingredients contained in it have been proven to help overcome various skin problems without dangerous side effects.

Along with the development of technology, it also affects the development of beauty methods. Developed countries such as Japan, the United States, and European countries are some countries that are famous for technological advances for beauty.

Although not as sophisticated as people in developed countries whose treatments are fast and practical, Indonesia turns out that young people often favor this traditional treatment. Why? Because the effect is proven to be much better, and the results are permanent. Here is a conventional beauty treatment that is still popular today.

Conventional drinking traditional herbal medicine.

The most straightforward traditional beauty treatment is routinely drinking herbal medicine. Making a routine habit of drinking traditional herbal medicine derived from spices can make our body naturally beautiful from the inside.

The habit of drinking herbal medicine has become a traditional beauty lifestyle of the Javanese court's daughter. It is still ingrained in ordinary people until now. One of these traditional beauty recipes is a drink made from cloves, turmeric, turmeric, tamarind, and rock sugar. This herbal medicine is believed to brighten facial skin, remove pimples, and can inhibit aging.


If language from the outside calls it a sauna, hundred was once the secret treatment of Ken Dedes. Ratus is a method of evaporation of the body, such as a sauna that uses a mixture of herbs such as incense, sandalwood, and dried klobot, then boiled in hot water. This cooking water will be used as a treatment for female organs.

This beauty treatment method believes it can work to absorb mucus, which can cause vaginal discharge. Ratus also can scent to the inside of the body and has been proven to facilitate blood flow. Not only the water, but a hundred steam is also usually used to open clogged pores so that it cleanses the face from dirt.


Batimung is a traditional sauna from Banjar, South Kalimantan. Mix concoction consisting of a mixture of lemongrass oil, fragrant root, kaffir lime leaves, Intersection, jasmine, ylang, and pandanus, then boil with water in a closed pan and do not open when not yet ready to use.

While waiting for the cooking water, you can make a cold powder from a mixture of black sticky rice and moisten it all over the body then wrap it in a thick cloth. If the cooking water is boiling, sit in a state already covered in a thick towel over the boiled water of Batimung. Batimung efficacy is equal to a hundred.


Boreh is made from lemongrass, sandalwood, ginger, clove, nutmeg, galangal, black rice, and coconut oil. All materials are mashed and rubbed like a scrub to the whole body until half dry, then wiped with a wet cloth until clean.

Boreh concoction is warm so that it is often used as a treatment to relieve colds, improve blood circulation, and relieve aches. Not only beneficial for health but also beauty. This herb is also useful for brightening the face and removing dead skin cells.


This one treatment seems not harassing anymore for women. Until now, scrubs treatment is still mushrooming in all circles. Although the current scrub ingredients are diverse, the original scrub is based on turmeric, which contains antiseptic and antibacterial ingredients for the skin to clean and shrink pores until they provide a sleigh, which serves to brighten the skin.

After mashed and then crushed, the scrub is left to dry and crusty and then washed with warm water. If diligently doing this treatment, the skin becomes shiny and radiant.


The type of sauna that is usually done by the Toba and Karo Batak people is indeed not widely known by ordinary people. It is often done by women from the Batak to cleanse the body after giving birth. Apart from cleansing the body, this Oukup treatment technique is also useful for blood circulation and eliminating fat and body odor.

Jaka Haryanto

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