Cosmetics for Skin Care

Advances in cosmetics have resulted in many cosmetic products for body or skincare, both traditional and modern.

Various deficiencies in our body shape can occur due to bad habits such as overeating. Therefore we must pay attention to food by adjusting the menu to avoid being overweight or too thin.

Bathing for cleanliness, health, and freshness of the body, is essential in terms of body care. To get smooth skin is not only enough to use soap, to maintain skin moisture, and to keep it soft, many produced various creams and oils for body care.

Various cosmetic products for body care and face both modern and traditional include:

Skin lotion for normal to dry skin, and for normal to oily skin use milky lotion. This lotion is a moisturizer (mild moisturizer) to maintain skin smoothness and softness. It can be used all day and as a foundation.

Face cream / Day cream / Face sunblock cream (moisturizer), which is a moisturizing cream that serves to maintain moisture, smoothness, suppleness, and softness of facial skin. The flexibility of the outer skin layer is very dependent on the moisturizer. This cream can be used throughout the day as a foundation to protect and prevent dry and wrinkled skin due to sunburn. This cream can also prevent water from evaporating from the surface of the skin.

Night cream/night support / Nourishing cream is a moisturizer for a facial treatment at night. This cream contains more fat and functions as a lubricant and helps retain water supply.

Body lotion / Soft body more silken / Hand body lotion, which is a moisturizing lotion to soften and soften the skin of the body and hands.

Sunblock lotion, which is a lotion to deal with sunburn. Prolonged exposure to the sun, will cause the skin color to turn dark brownish, dry skin, and accelerate skin aging.

Hand cream is a special moisturizing cream for hands and fingers that functions to moisturize, relax, and protect the hands, especially from ingredients or washing agents that can cause the hands to become rough.

Feet cream / Fancy feet action cream, which serves to soften and soften the rough parts of the foot, such as heels, soles, and between toes.

Lip gloss / Lip more sheen, which is a moisturizer that serves to maintain the softness of the lips and gives a refreshing impression.

Lip balm is a moisturizer that works to prevent chapped and flaking skin on the lips.

Sandalwood oil contains sandalwood oil refined oil. This nutritious oil warms the body to stimulate blood circulation, treat skin, make the body fragile, and prevent dry skin. This oil can also be used in body massage, back, hands, and feet.

Olive oil from olives, which contains a skin relaxant. Usefulness can relax the skin and rejuvenate the skin, mainly dry and rough skin. It can also be used to treat feet, hands, and massage.

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