Effects of Make-up that Arise on the Face

Chemical content in makeup can make a face irritated, itching that is not fair. Using powder will also make our face pores intentionally closed. Then what is the danger if makeup closes skin pores? Skin pores that are closed will have the same effect as a dirty face due to dust, which also settles the pores of dirt and stimulates the growth of acne on the front.

Of course, it will be a problem if we very rarely clean the face after using makeup because acne will quickly grow if the pores of the skin are too often covered with powder. Who originally wanted to look attractive, might actually make our faces many zits and will undoubtedly make us feel inferior later, so always remember not to use makeup for too long and clean it properly when applying makeup.

Due to the health of the affected facial skin will result in the following things:

The skin becomes dry.

Not only in makeup for the face, some beauty products for the skin also can make the skin dry and make it rough. Dry skin will be very susceptible to entering dirt because there is no protection from the skin itself, which can also be absorbed into the body through our skin.


Acne appears in oily facial conditions because several ingredients in makeup cause it. Usually, using liquid or creamy-textured powder (such as foundation and concealer) can cause acne. Lack of makeup products with these textures is difficult to clean on the face even though it has been cleaned with soap.


Almost the same as pimples and blackheads arise due to piles of makeup and dust. If you are not diligent in washing your face, blackheads can quickly occur, and the worst conditions can be acne.

The rest of the makeup is usually still trapped in the skin, so bacteria and acne appear. For that, doing facials once a month is very important.

Do not forget to use a face mask, at least once a week to remove the remaining facial dirt.


Allergic reactions are often experienced for people with sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is prone to some cosmetic ingredients. Usually, the skin becomes itchy, sore, red, swollen, and spots occur.

Blockage of pores

Any cosmetic products such as powder and others can undoubtedly clog skin pores, therefore overuse or too often, we use these products can cause clogged pores.

If this continues for a long time, then the possibility of acne on our faces will be higher. One way to avoid these dangers is to reduce the intensity of use and not to use it too long.

Jaka Haryanto

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