Facial Stages

Cleansing: clean the face using a cleanser. The goal is to remove the remaining dirt and possibly the residual makeup on the skin layer. After the cleaner, the removal of the toner is done. Its function is to restore the facial skin's moisture that is lifted by the cleanser.

Scrub: scrubbing function is to exfoliate dead skin cells so that the face looks brighter and cleaner.

Massage: massage on certain parts of the face, especially in the T area. In some places, give a full-blooded look or various other terms related to facial massage. The aim is to tighten the skin so that it is always tighter and is not accessible to sag or wrinkled. One sign of aging is facial skin that begins to relax. If you do the facial massage yourself, the key is the direction of the massage. All messages are directed towards the right and left sides of our eyes (an area about 1.5cm from the left edge of the left eye and the right corner of the right eye). All massage from below is always directed up to that point, while the massage on the forehead goes down to the edge of the eye. Besides, massage on the face can also help accelerate blood circulation in the front so that nutrients that enter the skin can be absorbed better. Even facial massage can also help reduce stress levels due to excessive workload.

Evaporation: the purpose of drying is to open the pores of the facial skin to facilitate the cleaning and removal of the remnants of dirt and dead skin.

Cleansing blackheads: this is a core part of facials, namely cleaning blackheads. Cleaning blackheads sometimes feels painful, so some people feel reluctant to do it. If not treated by a professional, then cleaning blackheads is not optimal and can even cause injury.

Masks: the purpose of covers is to close pores and at the same time remove even more dirt

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