Oily skin

Feature: Shiny nose.

Advantage: The face looks young.

Weakness: Easier acne

Recommended types of cosmetics:

Face tonner that contains PH Balance

Moisturizer and foundation that does not contain oil or Oil-Free

Eyebrow without shimmer

Loose powder or compact powder

Blush and eye shadow in the form of powder

Dry skin

Feature: Dry and dull skin

Advantages: The face is not prone to breakouts

Weaknesses: The face looks slow, dry and uneven

Recommended cosmetic types:

Face tonner that contains PH Balance

Moisturizer and foundation containing oil

Eyebrow with shimmer

Powder that can give the impression of a glossy and fresh

Blush and eye shadow in the form of paste or cream

Normal skin

Feature: Fresh and healthy surface, not shiny or dry

Advantage: The face looks perfect and easy to apply

Weaknesses: Everyone wants it

Recommended types of cosmetics:

Face tonner that contains PH Balance

Moisturizer and foundation for healthy skin

Eyebrow with shimmer or without shimmer, depending on the impression we will show.

Can powder or compact powder

Sensitive Skin

Feature: The emergence of problems when using beauty products

Weaknesses: Must be careful choosing beauty products

Recommended types of cosmetics:

Choose products labeled hypoallergenic or chemical-free

Avoid products that contain fragrance, lanolin.

Combination Skin

Characteristics: T-zone (T-zone), namely forehead, nose and chin, is very oily while other areas appear dry

Advantage: Fairly makes us dizzy

Weaknesses: Difficult because we have to be creative in determining oily and dry areas.

Recommended types of cosmetics:

Gel-shaped face tonner

Moisturizer and foundation are liquid and oil-free.

Use a thin moisturizer on the oily part.

Blush and eye shadow in the form of powder/powder

Foundation (Foundation) is the basis of cosmetology. For that, it is essential to choose the type of foundation that best suits your skin type. The appropriate foundation will make the overall appearance of makeup perfect.

The following choose the foundation according to skin type quoted from Assortment.

Oily skin

If your facial skin already produces excess oil, choose an oil-free foundation. This type of foundation is usually shaped stick or powder so that the skin does not look shiny.

Dry skin

Inversely proportional to oily skin, dry skin needs more moisturizer. Choose a water-based foundation to moisturize the skin. Usually, dry skin will be very suitable to use liquid foundation.

Using foundation sticks or powder will make dry skin look uneven color because it can not blend correctly.

Acne skin

One choice foundation will only make acne on the face worse. For those of you who have pimples, choose a foundation that says "noncomedogenic" or contains salicylic acid. This foundation will not make skin pores clogged and cause new zits.

Wrinkle skin

Many women think that wearing thick foundation will hide their wrinkles. It is very wrong. Wearing too thick foundation is even more concerned about wrinkles on the face. It's better to use a moisturizer before applying the foundation, so the skin is more supple. Then, use a liquid foundation, so the skin looks more radiant. Use thin makeup to make your appearance perfect.

Here are tips on choosing the right makeup:

Choosing the right makeup must be adjusted and safe for the skin. To avoid makeup that triggers irritation, select a powder that is appropriate for your skin type.

Avoid makeup that can cause skin problems such as zits or black spots. If one or two times the use of powder starts to appear pimples or black spots, you should immediately stop to disturb your confidence.

Customize makeup with the face shape. It would help if you recognized your face shape to choose the color and shape of lipstick to match and not excessive.

Don't be tempted by expensive brands. Expensive brands are not always safe for the skin. 

Do not be provoked by famous or elegant brands, but there is no match and does not make skin comfortable.

Pay attention to the lipstick used. Many women like to use long-lasting lipstick. This tendency results negatively if it takes too long it will cause the skin to become dry and make wrinkles on the lips. You should choose a moist lipstick and based on the type of skin on the lips.

Before using makeup, you should find out in advance about the advantages and disadvantages of the composition itself. The powder is used not only to apply makeup, but it requires selective ways to choose a brand so as not to disappoint.

If you want to follow the trend of makeup that is booming, still choose safe makeup that does not cause unwanted side effects. For every day, choose beautiful makeup, not makeup for fashion. Choose a powder that contains elements of skincare, such as those owned by Cle de Peau, argan oil from Morocco, which serves as an ingredient to slow down aging, make skin moist and smooth the face.

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