Using makeup or cosmetics is an activity to change the appearance of the original form, actually with the help of ingredients and cosmetic tools. The term makeup is more often shown in changing the shape of the face, even though the whole body can be made up.

Makeup aims to change the appearance of the face, which is considered imperfect. This is widely used for cosmetology when attending an event, filming, photoshoot, and activities to hone skills in the makeup field because they have a hobby for putting on makeup.

Many people are surprised to learn that makeup is not a new invention. However, makeup has been around for a long time. The queens and kings of Egypt are reported to have used powder consisting of different materials from today. The use of makeup has been mentioned in the bible, where famous women used to apply makeup to enhance their beauty. When theater shows are not only women who use powder, men also use them.

Women are beautiful creatures and love beauty, including the beauty of her face. They try to always look beautiful like noble daughters. It seems to be beautiful already accustomed to and becomes a tradition for women.

However, many teenagers today still do not know the proper use of proper use. Many young children already know how to make their faces very beautiful and perfect. However, do they already know that many makeup ingredients are harmful to the health of their skin? Seeing reality, the effects of using makeup for teenagers today still do not know how their skin health after using these makeup products.

Makeup not only functions to apply makeup, but it plays a vital role in covering up facial flaws such as blackheads, black spots, pimples, and wrinkles that are on the face. Makeup can also change the face to look different from the original. With the right technique using a powder that suits your face shape, the look on your face will look more beautiful and perfect.

The makeup for the choreography is absolute completeness of appearance. An actor or actress, when appearing in front of the public, always prepares to apply makeup. This is caused by the limited vision (vision) of one's eyes in reaching distant objects, which range between 5-7 meters, and some even reach approximately 20 meters.

The conclusion that the writer can draw from the understanding of makeup is that cosmetics are objects that are commonly used to cover flaws, especially on faces that are always used by women.

Jaka Haryanto

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