In general, women will always want to look beautiful no matter where they are; even in their bags, there will be a name for makeup equipment.

The following types of makeup:

Foundation, this is the primary material used before using solid powder or powder. Try when you want to buy a foundation, choose a color that matches your skin color.

Concealer, this cream is usually used to cover up the deficiencies that exist on your face so that it can be covered and can make a perfect appearance. These deficiencies can be exemplified, such as the presence of pimples, acne scars, spots, even panda eyes.

Eye shadow, this type of makeup works to make eye makeup to look more beautiful and can be used to sharpen narrow eyes. The beauty of the eyes with eye shadow makeup must be applied correctly using a brush evenly and neatly arranged.

Eyeliner, this type of makeup is beneficial for those of you who have slanted eyes because this eyeliner will provide firmness in the eye line and will make the eyes more full.

Mascara, this material serves to beautify your eyes by applying it to the lashes to make it curvy and thick.

Blush on is useful for making the cheeks look reddish by applying a color that matches the color of the skin. This will also make your cheeks look fresher.

Lipstick, to make the lips look more natural, of course, don't forget to put lipstick on your lips. Try to use soft colors.


Here's how to use it:

Before using makeup, first clean your face so that dirt is not on your face, after washing your face, use a moisturizer that is mild and also matches your skin type and skin color.

After that, use a foundation that matches your skin and skin color so that the results will not be striking.

Then use enough powder by using powder puffs so that the dust can stick perfectly and can close the flaws on your facial skin. Do not forget to use neck powder too so as not to streak.

After that, use eye shadow with natural colors or can be adjusted to the event that will be visited, can be calm or bright colors. After that, use an eyebrow pencil as needed, not too thick. Eyeliners also need to be used. Can use a pen or liquid eyeliner and wait for it to dry. The eyeliner itself serves to give a firmer impression on the shape of the eye. It also will look perfect. Then don't forget to use mascara on your eyelashes. However, beforehand if you want eyelashes to look more curved, use an eyelash curler and then apply mascara. In using eyeliners and eyelashes, you must be careful so that later you will not go anywhere.

After that, use a lipstick that suits your lips; you can choose pink, brown, calm, or other colors, which are one level above your lips. And the last is to use blush on the cheekbones to near the ear to apply the blush.

Blush on itself is to make it look fresher. But don't be too thick, brush it lightly.

Jaka Haryanto

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