Various facial facials and their benefits

Aromatherapy facials

This facial is made from a mixture of several herbal ingredients, including essential oils, real green tea, lavender oil, and many more. These ingredients serve to brighten facial skin to avoid harmful radiation such as dust and dirty smoke so that your skin will look fresher and fresher.

Basic facials

The process of this basic facial is done by a beauty therapist, which is cleaning (deep cleansing), evaporation (streaming), extra blackheads, masks, and ending using a moisturizer. With you doing this basic look, your face will be more manicured and look cleaner than usual.

Anti-aging facial

This anti-aging facial works to protect your face from wrinkles and premature aging. This facial is perfect for those of you who are aged 25 years and over. The products commonly used are alpha or beta-hydroxy acids and vitamin C. This is very good for your facial skin to look fresher and will feel more elastic than before.

Benefits of facial facials

Know your skin type

You will be examined in advance the type of skin before performing facials, which is your skin, including dry, normal, or even oily skin. There will be checked in advance so that you can know the compatibility with the facials because cosmetics are used for facial treatments according to the state and type of your skin. If you don't check, it will damage your face because of its incompatibility with cosmetics for facials. So, you will know your skin type before doing facials.

A thorough skin cleanser

If you are an active person outside the room, you will inevitably be exposed to various pollution attacks. Nah, to clean your face is not enough if only with ordinary facial cleanser, because your cleaner can not reach small impurities interrupted by pores. With facials, cleansing your face will be more leverage. The first thing to do is washing to open pores, then dirt, toxins, dead skin cells will be removed thoroughly. So that your face is thoroughly clean and protected from acne and blackheads skin problems.


In addition to cleaning, usually interspersed with relaxation massages that aim to expedite blood circulation and expedite lymph node flow. Also, your muscles will feel tighter, and your face will look younger. The aroma will make you relaxed and relaxed. The burden on your mind will slowly disappear.


The facial will relax your tense facial muscles. Your face will feel cold even in the hot atmosphere. To pamper yourself, you can choose other facials like oxygen and gold facials. Facial has different functions according to the needs of your skin.

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