5 Reasons Children Dare to Fight Parents with Authoritarian Parenting

Parents have each rule in applying to parent. Some use authoritarian parenting.

Authoritarian parenting is one of the characteristics in raising a child with a caring style that tends to be hard and demanding. Although parents' expectations for children are very high, the response to an appreciation for children is relatively low.

Even though the child reaches a high standard according to what the parent asks, appreciation or also congratulations can be judged lacking.

The average child who has authoritarian parents can fight and be challenging to manage.

The following ibuanaksehat.com summarizes the reasons children dare to fight parents if applying authoritarian parenting. Come on, see the explanation Ma!

1. Children don't like to be regulated and governed loudly

The leading cause of children against authoritarian parents is because some children do not like it if they are managed and ordered.

Especially if parents rule in a rude tone and front of many people.

Some children will feel their pride damaged. The actions of parents like this can hurt children.

Finally, to repay a child's disappointment, he can do annoying things like doing the opposite of his parents' wishes.

2. Children feel depressed because of authoritarian parenting

Parenting a child in an authoritarian way will depress him. Difficult for children to be calm and still feel comfortable. What happens a lot is the child grows up in a depressed state.

This is a danger to children's health even more so if the child does not have relatives or friends to share stories.

If a child can adapt to authoritarian parenting, the child can become a harsh person when he grows up.

3. Children become rebels when their desires are not obeyed

Children dare to fight parents because they do not accept when their desires are not heard or ignored.

In general, authoritarian parents do not hear the opinions of children. Parents have the desire of children to follow their choices voluntarily.

If the sound and hope of the child continue not to be heard, then the child may rebel and fight the words of his parents.

4. Do not feel loved by parents sincerely

Children who are not listened to, over time will have complaints. Children can feel their life is unfair and annoying.

Then the child also feels not loved if his parents are authoritarian.

Educating children is essential, but don't forget that they need a lot of love and affection that makes them feel wanted and loved.

No need to spoil him too much, but make sure that he knows that you love him.

5. Not get freedom and feel constrained

The right to freedom feels like being taken away, and the child feels constrained if he has authoritarian parents.

Parenting like this may have the right side; for example, children become more obedient and more comfortable to follow the rules at home. But the wrong side is that children never have a choice but to obey their parents in any form.

Even though parents need to make their children independent and smart in making choices or opinions on something to grow as a wise person.

Although there is a right side, children who are raised in an authoritarian way tend to be easy to fight and difficult to manage. That's five reasons children dare to challenge strict parents—hopefully, useful Ma.

Jaka Haryanto

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