5 Ways to Make Children Can Sleep Alone without Fussing and Crying

Educating children with proper parenting is indeed a responsibility that cannot be underestimated. As parents, of course, they want the best for their children.

One of them is by teaching children to learn independently from an early age.

Teaching children to learn independently can Mama start from small things that are around him, for example, teach your child to sleep in their room.

But in reality, applying this method is not easy, Ma. Many factors hinder, both from the Little One or even from Mama and Papa themselves.

Although the reality is still painful to apply to children under the age of five, here are a few tips you can try in teaching your child to be able to sleep alone.

Curious? Come on, refer to the summary that has been done by ibuanaksehat.com prepare for Mama next!

1. Use the camping out method

Have you ever heard of the camping out method, Ma? This method requires Mama or Papa to sit on a chair or sleep on a mat beside the child's bed.

Mama can do this slowly and regularly, by adjusting the position of each day that is getting away from the area of the bed when they start to sleep.

Based on research results shown through the ncbi.nlm.nih.gov page, this method is sufficient enough to make children under five years old accustomed to sleeping alone. If you start applying it for three weeks in a row, your little one will get used to sleeping without being accompanied by Mama or Papa again.

2. Have physical contact with children

Physical contact with children turns out to have a vital role, Ma. Not only build closeness between parents and children, but it also can help calm the Little One.

Some studies even show, with physical contact, a child's brain development will be better. That's why they won't cry too much and sleep more soundly.

That way, you don't need to worry if you want to leave your child to get used to sleeping alone.

3. Adjust the lighting to be dimmer

So that children are more comfortable when they want to sleep, Mama can adjust the room lighting to be dimmer because bright lights can send signals to the human brain to stay awake.

As reported by sleepfoundation.org, the blue light emitted from gadgets, TVs, and bright LED lights, can prevent the release of melatonin which serves to relax us and cause drowsiness.

This also applies to babies and children. So make sure to turn off the leading light and replace it with a dimmer sleep light before bedtime, Ma.

That way, children will more quickly get sleepy and fall asleep without fuss. Mama can calmly leave the little one to sleep alone in his room.

4. Make the routine as comfortable as possible before going to bed

For toddlers, Mama can create a new routine that can indicate sleep time in a fun way. There are lots of fun ways you can do with your little one before going to bed, for example, like brushing your teeth together, let him choose his pyjamas, or recite stories he likes.

Reporting from the page verywellfamily.com, making specific sleep hours is also essential so that the Little accustomed to his sleep schedule. If the child feels comfortable, at that time, Mama can tell him to sleep alone softly.

So that children don't fuss when they have to sleep alone, Mama needs to convince him that Mama and Papa are still nearby even though they don't sleep together.

5. Telling back the little nightmare of the little one with a different ending

Research published pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov shows that nightmares are experienced by at least 80.5 per cent of children. This is what makes the child often wake up and cry in the middle of the night because of fear.

So that children are not afraid to sleep alone, Mama can rearrange the storyline of the dreams they have. The difference, this time, Mama can tell her vision with a pleasant ending. For your child can imagine a different end from the dream he experienced.

Scientists also advise parents to involve children in fairy tales in books. Because this can help your child deal with the fear, they feel.

Well, that's five ways to make children dare to sleep alone. Let's try tips that you can try to teach your child to sleep alone without fussing and crying above. Do it consistently and lovingly so that your little one starts to get used to it. Good luck, Ma!

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