Financial Tips for Housewives

When you become a housewife, you may sometimes feel guilty for not working and rely on your husband's income. Well, here are some financial problems faced by housewives and how to overcome them:

"I haven't worked since becoming a housewife, so I feel guilty about using the money for my own needs."
Many homemakers know the same thing. But you know, ma'am, your role in caring for children and managing the household is as essential as you know as Father's role as the backbone.

Your decision as a housewife and stay at home makes your husband save a lot of money that may be used for daycare or renting a nanny when you work. Homemakers also have a contribution to family finances that are sometimes not seen. The household cleans the house and often repairs the damage to household appliances. That all, of course, very meaningful.

In return for what you've done, set aside a portion of spending money each week for your own needs. You don't need to overdo it, just going to the salon or buying a new blouse can make you feel happy.

"My husband pays all bills and takes care of all financial matters. I feel I have no right to make decisions about money while I am a housewife. "

It would be best if you discussed this with your husband. Asks husbands to share responsibilities in terms of family finances. One way is to educate yourself about the family's financial condition. Find out the bills that come every month, and how much savings for children's education. In this way, you can still help manage your family budget.

"I had to ask permission to buy new clothes, and this made me feel like a child."

Some husbands feel the need to monitor every purchase because they are looking for money. In other cases, homemakers feel the need to consult their husbands before making a purchase.

Either because the husband wants to control or you feel the need to ask permission, you should position yourself the same as the husband. If necessary, allocate money in a household account where you and your husband have access to use it.

Make sure the amount of money in the account is enough to buy the things you need, so you don't always ask for money from your husband. Plan family and personal expenses together with husband. Homemakers and husbands must both permit to spend a certain amount of money for individual needs each month.

Husbands should not like to buy expensive items if they only give a little shopping money to homemakers every week. If a homemaker feels that way, don't cling to the problem yourself. Learn to talk about it openly with your husband.

Being a housewife is not easy. There is a lot to do while only a little appreciation is received. But be happy because you will always be in the hearts of children. They will remember sweet moments with you for years to come.

Jaka Haryanto

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