Impact of Authoritarian Parenting, These 5 Things Will Happen to Children

Every parent who has children would want the best for their children. Many parents who apply harsh parenting, it is expected that children can grow as they wish.

But you need to know, parenting that is too hard to apply since childhood will affect how he grows as an adult later.

In certain conditions, assertiveness and consistency of parents towards children is needed; this is the goal to shape their discipline.

However, if this is applied inappropriately, it could lead to parental authorization, which would harm further child development.

If Mama and Papa had been too authoritarian towards children since childhood, the following has summarized the five effects of authoritarian parenting on children.

1. Difficulty conveying his opinion

Children who are educated with authoritarian parenting usually will feel afraid to express their opinions. This is because parents close discussion meetings with children.

When Mama and Papa start like this, the child will become a person who doubts or fears wrong when he wants to say something.

If Mama and Papa are too authoritarian for children, then it will be difficult for them to make their own decisions, Ma.

Children develop personal tend to people pleaser, where he will have difficulty saying no to others.

2. It's easy to lie to avoid punishment

The child will be a person who is more comfortable to lie to avoid punishment for behaviour that Mama and Papa think is inappropriate.

Children are also used to being manipulative when they get parenting that is too authoritarian. This was done to avoid the punishment that Mama and Papa would give.

3. Low self-esteem

Self-esteem or self-respect will also be influential when parenting is too authoritarian.

Authoritarian parents usually provide penalties when educating, not discipline that children should need. Instead of teaching children how to make good choices, often unconsciously Mama and Papa make him regret the mistakes made.

Children who grow up in parenting usually have a hard character and always follow the rules. There is something to be sacrificed for obedience that children do, namely, the risk of low self-esteem.

Because in this case, parents usually never respect the opinion of children so that it makes it have low self-esteem.

4. Lack of motivation

Hard and curative parenting can harm their growth and development later, Ma.

If he is too much demanding, it's the same thing that Mama turns off the freedom of the child and ultimately makes him less motivated.

Children will become easily anxious because the security and affection given are not fulfilled. However, this is a basic need that should be provided by parents at an early age.

When a child starts to lose motivation, not only affects his education, he will also become a problematic person in making decisions or attitude.

5. Be aggressive and often hostile

Children with authoritarian parenting are more likely to be aggressive and hostile than to think about how to do better in the future.

Because authoritarian parenting will limit children's space and even include physical punishment. This makes the child aggressive and focuses on the anger they feel towards their parents.

Not only is it more aggressive, children who get authoritarian parenting can also naturally experience a crisis of self-confidence and become a shy person.

Those are five things that might happen as a result of authoritarian parenting in children even though they happen slowly and without Mama or Papa knowing.

Educating discipline from an early age is suitable for growth and development, but not necessarily with authoritarian parenting.

Mama and Papa could provide him with balanced love and security, rather than being too authoritarian for him.

Jaka Haryanto

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