Problems Faced by Housewives

Before becoming a housewife, you might not realize what you will be living every day at home. Well, for those of you who are considering whether you want to be a housewife or not, this time we will reveal some of the problems that are often faced by housewives. Check it out!
No schedule
If you are someone who always relies on schedules to do things, maybe the transition to being a housewife who stays at home can be difficult. Your activities will depend on the child, such as breastfeeding, playing and sleeping. There will be no definite schedule. Children can not be predicted, so you need a little improvisation in determining the timing of daily activities.

Rarely talk to adults
Once you become a housewife, you will spend most of the time at home. There will be no more chat about politics, philosophy, and so on with friends the same age every day. What you do every day is sing children's songs and train children to talk. Even though homemakers also need interaction with other adults, right?

There is no rest
When you become a housewife who stays at home, you have to be ready because every day you cannot get rest. Your lunch will be accompanied by a very active little one who throws his food to the floor. Even when you go to the bathroom, you will be accompanied by a child who does not want to be left.

But don't worry ma'am, there is a nap time, which is the most eagerly awaited time by homemakers. With notes, this only happens when you succeed in making your child take a nap if it doesn't work; it means you won't be able to rest at all for the whole day.

There is no recognition
In the world of work, there are reviews of employee performance from superiors when we complete the task, but this will not happen when you become a housewife. Even though there are so many things that you have managed to do, there will be no recognition and praise coming. Yes, maybe the husband will praise once in a while, but it's certainly not the best when he gets appreciation from the boss, right?

Feeling lacking in achievement
As a housewife who lives at home, you sometimes wonder about what you have done today. Unlike when we are still working in an office, we feel we have goals to achieve every day. But when we are mortgaged housewives, we often think, "What have I done today?"

When you do many things throughout the day, but no one else is aware of it, this can make you feel like you have not reached any achievement at all. Breathe Ma'am genuinely, don't get carried away in this feeling. Now you are caring for your child who will become a successful person, thanks to your hard work.

Facing silly questions
People will ask lots of questions that sound uncomfortable when you are a non-working housewife. Questions like "What are you doing at home?" or "How come you're just a housewife?" or "What do you work for?" sometimes it can feel weird. Just smile and give a short answer.

Have no reason to dress up
When we decide to become a housewife, that means I have to be prepared if you will rarely wear pretty clothes that are neat and high heels. It's okay if you want to use it all, but it's not very practical for use to carry out daily activities.

Lost identity
When you have children, you automatically undergo the role of mother. Even though this role is significant, you are still someone who has specific interests, desires, hopes and dreams. Also, if you have to stay at home all day to be a housewife, try to take the time to do your interests and remind yourself that you can still achieve your dreams. Homemakers can also go out with their husbands occasionally to help you avoid the stage of losing your identity.

Difficult to maintain balance
One of the hardest parts of being a housewife who stays at home is maintaining a balance between time for yourself and family. It must be not easy to know how much quality time you have to give to children. But you will be helped by setting ethical boundaries for yourself and your time.

Jaka Haryanto

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