Adverse Consequences If Babies Use Disposable Diapers For Too Long

Babies usually urinate more frequently than adults. Babies also cannot tell their parents or caregivers when they feel like urinating. Because of this, many disposable diaper products have sprung up. Using disposable diapers will undoubtedly make it easier. Unlike wearing cloth diapers, which get wet more smoothly when your little one pees, disposable diapers have more absorption and capacity. That way, parents or caregivers tend to let the little one not change diapers for a long time until the diaper gets wet or dirty.

Wearing diapers for too long can cause a rash.

If you don't change your baby's diaper for a long time, then your little one is at risk of developing a diaper rash. Diaper rash is redness of the skin on the buttocks, genitals, and thighs due to irritation or infection from wearing the diaper for too long.

Too long letting your little one wear the diaper will irritate his skin due to the friction of the diaper with the surface. Especially if the diaper is wet or dirty, then the skin is more susceptible to infection. Moist and dusty conditions can be places for bacteria or fungi to grow and can infect the skin.

Here are some tips to prevent your little one from developing diaper rash:
  • Immediately change your baby's diaper if it is full or dirty. Better to replace quickly without waiting for the whole. Don't let your little one's diaper change all day.
  • Clean the baby's bottom and genitals with clean water or wet wipes that don't contain alcohol. Wipe from front to back, especially on baby girls, prevents the spread of bacteria from the anus.
  • Dry the buttocks before putting on the diaper. Leave the baby without a diaper for a while to reduce the risk of a rash.
  • Choose a diaper that is a comfortable size for the baby, not too narrow because it will press on the stomach and make the skin more irritated.
  • Use anti-diaper rash cream if necessary.

Don't let your little one get diaper rash because it will make your little one uncomfortable.

Jaka Haryanto

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