Adverse Effects If Parents Fight in Front of Children

The life of a married couple does not always go smoothly. Sometimes there are problems, differences of opinion, or misunderstandings that lead to arguments to fights. This is normal in household life. However, if the difference in opinion that occurs leads to a fight in front of the child, this can harm the child.

Every child certainly does not want to see their parents fight, especially until there is domestic violence. Witnessing the argument between the two parents can make children stressed, depressed, and even psychologically disturbed. Here are some of the harmful effects if father and mother fight in front of their children:

Children can be stressed to depression.
Seeing their parents fighting indeed makes children feel sad. Children will feel that their parents no longer love each other and lose their warmth with their father and mother, especially if the quarrels happen frequently.

The feeling of excessive sadness and anxiety felt by children can make children stressed and even depressed. This can make the child's immune system decrease; the child has no appetite and has difficulty sleeping so that their health is also disturbed.

Children experience trauma to marriage.
For a child who understands, parents' arguments will make him think that getting married is not a happy thing. That way, the child can be traumatized in a relationship with the opposite sex and traumatized by marriage as an adult.

Children do not feel at home.
The house should be a place for family members to gather, feel the warmth of their parents, and enjoy time together. However, all these things cannot be felt by the child if the parents often quarrel. As a result, children will not feel at home for long and choose to find another place that makes them comfortable.

Children will imitate and follow the behavior of parents.
Children are excellent imitators. If you often see their parents yelling, yelling, or hitting, the child may imitate them. This will affect the child's behavior so that the child becomes angry or likes to hit.

Domestic problems are a natural thing to happen. However, the father and mother should find a way out peacefully without fighting in front of the child.

Jaka Haryanto

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