After School Activities for Children

What do children always do after school? As parents, it is better if you start getting your children used to doing positive activities that support children's independence from an early age.

What activities does your little one need to do after school? Some of these daily activities you may be able to get used to in children.

Take off the shoes and put on the shoe rack
We recommend that you get used to the children to take off their shoes after school. Don't forget to remind the child to put the boots on the shoe rack that has been prepared. This good habit will be remembered and carried over to adulthood.

Hang the jacket/clothes in place
Don't forget, train your child to hang up the jacket or clothes he is wearing.

Do not get children to put clothes carelessly, for example, on the bed or living room chair.

Wash your hands and go to the toilet
Washing your hands after school is very important. Make it a habit for children to wash their hands after school, and don't forget to ask them to go to the toilet immediately after coming home from school.

Change clothes
It's best not to let children play while wearing school uniforms. Get used to children to change clothes immediately after school with equipment used at home. Remind children that school uniforms are only used at school and not at home.

Emptying school bags and lunch boxes
After changing clothes, teach children to empty their school bags, while taking their lunch.

If the child is too young to wash their lunch box, ask them to put the lunch bowl in the sink.

Eat a snack
Eating a snack after school is quite important because children will feel hungry after school. Even though the kids had their lunch at school, now, let the children eat snacks after school, but make sure that these snacks contain an excellent nutritional value for children.

Doing School Work
After eating a snack, you should get your child used to do school work after school, so that he doesn't forget to do it at night.

After doing schoolwork, ask the child to take a nap. Naps are essential for him to restore the energy that has been drained from morning to noon at school.

Play outside
After waking up, let the child play with friends outside the house. For example, they are playing kites, playing ball, playing dolls, and others. Playing outside the home is quite essential for children so that they can socialize with peers and so that they continue to be active.

We recommend that you limit your child's play. Get used to the child to take a shower immediately after playing. Especially if the child plays in a place where his clothes are dirty, for example, playing ball on the field.

Help with homework
After bathing, get your child to help with household chores. Adjust the child's homework according to their age. For example, for a child who is still five years old, you can ask him to help sweep or wipe the tables and chairs. The habit of helping with homework is perfect for children's independence.

Take the children to dinner with the family. Don't forget to teach eating etiquette at home. The eating etiquette that you prepare at home will become a life skill that she carries to adulthood.

Study and prepare for the next day's lesson
After dinner, ask the children to study and prepare lessons for the next day. Train children to make their textbooks from childhood.

Sleep at night
Get your child to sleep no later than ten at night, so that he does not oversleep the next day. Keep children away from gadgets so that they sleep soundly at night.

We recommend that you teach children to do activities that support their independence when they come home.

Jaka Haryanto

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