Benefits of Nap for Children

Sleep is essential to rest the body from tiring activities. Children need a longer sleep time than adults; therefore, napping is necessary for children to meet their sleep needs. Besides, according to research napping also has many benefits, you know, among them.

1. Improve children's learning abilities

In one study, it was shown that children who took naps had a better ability to remember than those who did not receive regular naps. During sleep, the brain processes the information obtained by the child. Also, by taking a nap, the child will be more focused when studying and doing various activities.

2. Maintain the health and fitness of children

Naps will help children restore their energy after being tired of activities. That way, the child is not wasted and returns to power after waking up. Also, children who are sleep deprived tend to be at risk of having excess body weight. When you don't get enough sleep, your body produces the hormone cortisol, which causes you to feel hungry frequently. Therefore, children will eat more if they are sleep deprived, especially if the foods chosen are unhealthy foods such as foods that are too sweet.

3. Improve the child's mood

A child who has enough sleep will have a good mood or mood. A study conducted on two-year-olds showed that children who missed naps were less cheerful, restless, fussy, and prone to tantrums. Therefore, you should start regularly taking your little one to nap.

How long should your little one sleep in the afternoon?
Children's sleep needs vary depending on their age. For babies, sleep time is longer than wake time. The baby's sleep needs are around 18 hours, mothers can divide their nap schedule twice, namely after breakfast and after lunch.

Whereas for children aged 1-2 years need about 14 hours of sleep, and children aged 3-4 years around 11-13 hours, mothers can divide it into 2-3 hours for a nap, and the rest sleep at night. As children get older, their need for sleep decreases.

In children over five years of age, you can schedule a nap for about 30 minutes so that your little one can still rest during the day. After knowing the benefits of napping for your little one, now is the time for mothers to schedule their short naps.

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