Effective Ways to Wake Up Children for School

Waking up children in the morning to go to school is not easy. As a result, much drama happened on the first day of school. For example, it is late because your little one wakes up late, or your little one starts to fuss on the first day of school because they still want to take a day off.

Situations where children find it challenging to get up early on school days often occur. As a result, you can't help but have to scream because your child has a tough time getting up. This method does not solve the problem.

Even though you scream and want everything to be fast, your little one also needs time to shower, change clothes, eat breakfast, and put on shoes.

Maybe, instead of doing the routine quickly, your little one might even cry and don't want to go to school because it's too late.

On the one hand, you want to make him get up and go to school immediately; on the other hand, your little one gets cranky because of your screams. Is there a way to wake your child up in the morning without screaming?

You can try this method:

Make a Sleep Schedule Early
The first way you can wake your child up without screaming is to schedule an early bedtime. During holidays, your child's sleep schedule may be messed up because your child thinks that vacation is a time for fun without routine. He will do all these things even if he has to skip naps or sleep late every day. As a result, on holidays, the children will continue to wake up later.

This habit is what makes them feel carried away when the school day arrives. To fix this, create a schedule to sleep early. Encourage children to go to bed soon and wake up early a few days before school.

The goal is that children begin to get used to the routine before they enter school so that on the first day of school, you don't have to scream to wake the child. The child will automatically wake up earlier.

Limit Use of Gadgets
It is difficult to sleep when the eyes are not sleepy, and the body is not tired. For adults, this opportunity is often used to access gadgets. The children will imitate it.

According to experts, blue screens (blue light) generated from gadgets or other electronic devices interfere with the work of the hormone melatonin. This hormone causes a person to be sleepy.

So, so that the child's sleep is not disturbed, it is better to limit the use of gadgets at night. Especially the use of devices before bed. If the child is still unable to sleep, invite the child to read a book. Most people fall asleep faster as soon as they read a book.

If the child can sleep soon, it is hoped that they will wake up early in the morning without you even waking them up first.

Describe a New Morning Routine with Children
Some children may not understand what it means to get ready to go to school, so many of those who do not understand have to get up early and do various routines before school. To fix this, explain to children the method in the morning before going to school to prepare in advance.

For example, tell them that He has to get up early before leaving for school tomorrow, then immediately:
Make the bed,
Change uniform
Put on shoes
Go to school

All these explanations are expected to be understood by the child rather than just explaining the word "get ready."

If your child understands what to do in the morning, you don't need to scream when you wake your child up for school in the morning.

Buy Children New School Supplies
Another way you don't have to scream when you wake your child for school is to buy new school supplies. Indeed, not all parents agree with this method, but this method is accurate enough to make children excited about going to school.

Some new school supplies that you can prepare include a new school bag or new shoes. Guaranteed, children will be eager to get up early and go to school.

Prepare an attractive breakfast.
The next way to wake children up for school without shouting at them is to prepare attractive breakfasts for children, so they are excited to wake up early.

Don't forget to involve the children in choosing the breakfast menu. Usually, when children are allowed to select their breakfast menu, they will be more eager to wake up in the morning.

Let Children Have Natural Consequences
If you have done all of the above methods but the child cannot get up early, then let him get the natural consequences, namely being late for school and being punished by the school.

In this way, children are expected to understand and not repeat their actions.

Waking up children in the morning to go to school is indeed a challenge for parents. Not infrequently, parents have to scream to wake their children. However, this method is not very useful, because the child will keep repeating it the next morning.

Some of the methods above you can use as an effort to wake children up for school without screaming at them in the morning.

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