Essential Life Skills Children Should Learn

Every child must know life skills that can be used to survive as an adult.

Likely, these life skills are not learned in traditional schools, so parents must teach them to their children.

What life skills should children learn?

Basic Ethics
Ethics is the first life skill as well as the essential life skill that children must learn. Instead, teach children to understand basic ethics in socializing with the environment.

Things like saying excuse me, thank you or asking for help. Even though it seems very simple, but in fact, it is an essential thing in life.

There are many examples of basic ethics and other manners to teach your children from an early age. For example, apologizing or knocking on the door before entering the room.

Create a Budget
When they grow up, children will struggle with financial problems in their lives, so they need to learn how to make a budget and manage their finances every month.

Instead, explain to them how to calculate income and expenses each month. Don't also forget to teach what percentage of income must be saved for future needs.

Information Seeking Ability
In today's digital era, children need all the information to support their learning activities. Therefore, children need to learn the ability to seek information.

For example, looking for information on the internet or looking for information in books, magazines, other articles. The ability to find this information will be useful later in the world of work.

Cleaning Skills
The ability to clean up is another life skill that children need to learn from an early age. Not only cleaning the room itself, but you should teach children to participate in cleaning the house. Don't forget to teach children to keep their bodies clean. Maintaining body hygiene is very important for your little one's health until adulthood.

First Aid Understanding
Another essential life skill for children is understanding first aid when injured or experiencing certain illnesses. Instead, teach children how to check body temperature using a thermometer, treat burns, lacerations, or perform first aid when the body has a fever.

How to Grow Plants
Growing plants is another life skill that children need to learn from an early age. Although vegetables, ginger, turmeric, etc. can be purchased at the market, the taste will be more beneficial if children can grow them at home.

Making Fire
Some children are prohibited from approaching the stove and lighting the stove by themselves. But how long do you want to forbid your children to light the stove themselves?

After all, when they grow up, children will need this skill to boil water or cook simple meals. So, teach children to light the stove.

Not only that, but you can also teach children to light matches and candles. The point is that your little one can use this skill during a power failure, and there is no flashlight nearby.

Basic Sewing Skills
Other life skills that need to be taught to children are necessary sewing skills.

Everyone needs these skills, including your child. Then teach him sewing skills from childhood. Start by teaching children basic sewing techniques. Use thread with a specific color so that children are interested in learning to sew.

Basic Parenting Skills
You need to teach the necessary parenting skills to your children. This ability is essential for him when he grows up. Start with simple things, and if he has a younger sibling who is still a baby, he can help change diapers, help apply talon oil after bathing, prepare food, and so on.

Basic Cooking Skills
Other life skills that need to be taught by children are necessary cooking skills. For example, boil water, or cook simple menus such as fried rice, instant noodles, etc.

Parents need to teach various life skills to children. These life skills will function in the lives of adult children in the future. You can teach some of the life skills above to your children.

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