Habits That Can Damage Husband and Wife Relationships

Marriage is like a boat that sails the waters. There are times when the waves are very calm, and the passengers are happy. However, there are times when the waves are quite strong and hit. To be safe, the boat cannot be controlled by just one person. You and your partner are both rowing masters. To do this too, the rowers must coordinate with each other to maintain balance.

However, unfortunately, striving for balance is not easy. There are times when the boat shakes because there are rowers who want to win alone and leave the others cornered.

Likewise, with marriage. You and your partner are not enemies, but two captains who must work together. The following bad habits can sway your relationship:

1. Publicly humiliating a partner

No matter what is going on in your relationship, never publicly embarrass your partner, such as pointing out their weaknesses, revealing their secrets, arguing, or attacking them while chatting with other people.

Gunther said, "People do this the most. With the hope that it will put more pressure on them to change unwanted behavior. "In fact, of course, that could not happen. Instead of making the couple aware, this method makes the conflict even sharper.

2. Emotional Squeeze

This could include teasing your partner about their past, making them feel guilty about their incompetence, ignoring them, or even threatening to reveal their secrets to get them to do what you want.

3. Breaking promises

When promises are continually broken for any reason, the danger is not just the partner's disappointment. This can also have the effect of making your partner think that you are unreliable.

4. Calculation

Love is about giving and receiving. However, when one party takes it into account, the relationship can be damaged. Especially when it comes to that calculation, according to Gunther

5. Erase the Past

The current relationship is, of course, colored by previous conflicts. It is possible that your partner still remembers these conflicts as part of a painful past. Forcing your partner to erase memories of the past and asking him to pretend that nothing was terrible is certainly not good. Instead, acknowledge how she felt about the history and try to do better.

6. Lying

Of course, lying, pretending, or manipulation are the primary sources of damaging your relationship. This lying can also be in the form of hiding information that is important to the partner to keep them from knowing purposely.

Jaka Haryanto

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