Happy Phrases That Couples Want to Hear All the Time

Getting married is not as smooth as driving a car on a toll road. There are only "gravel," "sharp turns," to "dead ends" that each pair must pass.

It is a duty and a challenge for each couple to get through these various obstacles so that the couple's household journey can continue to be passed together.

Unfortunately, although every partner knows for sure the "theory," not all couples can pass every obstacle smoothly. Some couples may stop because they are unable to get through the sharp gravel. Others may stay because they cannot get past the "dead end" insight.

The difficulty of a couple getting through every obstacle in a marriage is natural because there are so many factors that make them unable to maintain friendships.

However, every couple needs to struggle to maintain their marriage. This struggle does not only start when problems arise, but it should be started when the couple lives together in the mahligai of marriage.

One form of the couple's struggle to maintain the marriage is to show love and support in various ways every day.

It is not only shown in the form of behavior, and it is better if the love and support are also shown in the form of words or sentences every day.

What are the happy sentence forms that your partner wants to hear every day? Here are some notes for you:

"I'll always be here for you."

Couples who consistently remind each other that they support each other are better able to face whatever challenges they go through. For example, when one partner struggles with his illness, or when one of the partners is having a conflict with his in-laws or is having a toxic friendship relationship with his coworkers. Whatever problems your partner is facing, knowing that he has support from you will always make your partner happy.

According to psychologist Samantha Rodman, quoted from huffpost.com, giving support to your partner means that you put your partner's needs first. And, whatever your partner needs and wants, you are always there and supporting him.

"Can I Help You?"

"Can I help you carry the groceries?" Or "Let me help you take the kids this morning."

This simple sentence is what your partner wants to hear every day. According to the experts, married couples do appear independent, but they also don't forget that they are a team that needs to do everything together.

Even though the things that are done seem simple, not many couples ask for help, but by asking the partner, "Can I help you?", it will give your partner happiness.

"You are beautiful/handsome wearing that shirt."

Reminding consistently that your partner is still beautiful or handsome, is a happy thing that you always want to hear. This simple sentence can increase the feeling of love between partners. This simple sentence also reminds your partner that you are still very concerned about him.

"I trust you."

When many people doubt your partner, but you dare say that "I trust you," this sentence can provide strength for your partner.

This sentence makes the couple feel happy amid the gossip they are facing. For example, when a partner is accused of having an affair even by their family members, or when a partner is charged with not caring for their child properly, also though they have tried hard to divide their time between work and childcare.

You can also change this sentence to your liking, but it still has the same meaning. For example, "I believe in you," "I believe you are not like people say," "I believe how come you can take good care of your children while working."

"Thank you."

Of the many sentences that make a couple happy, it turns out that even sincere thanks can make them happy. For example, when your partner has taken good care of and cared for the child every day, then at night before going to bed, you can say, "Thank you for being a good mother."

Or, when your husband works hard every day, then as a wife, you can say to your husband, "Thank you for working hard for the children and me."

"Forgive me."
In addition to gratitude, apologies also make couples happy. This is especially true when you are guilty of her, for example, when you accidentally forget to pick her up or wake up too late to drop her off. By admitting mistakes and trying not to repeat the same mistakes, you and your partner can continue to live a happy married life.

Although not everything you can agree on, agreeing with your partner's wishes can make him happy. It's best if you agree with your partner's wishes if they make sense and work.

"I want…"
As close as you and your partner, still your partner can not read your mind. Therefore, you should express your every wish to him even though the dreams you reveal are unlikely to be approved. At least, the couple knew about it. That way, he may take your wishes into account right away.

If your partner finally gets your wish, then you will undoubtedly feel happy. And, if you are happy, your partner will be satisfied too.

"I feel…"
Communication is the primary key to happiness in a marriage relationship. Therefore, you should communicate whatever you are feeling. For example, when you feel sad because of your partner's behavior. By saying what you think, your partner can also introspect yourself so that they will maintain their attitude or behave better in the future.

"You are right."
Instead of just blaming your partner, please admit his actions were right. Even though this is very simple, this simple thing can make your partner feel happy. It's a good idea to still admit your mistakes by apologizing, and admit that your partner's actions were right to some extent.

There are so many things that make a couple happy. But there are a few simple sentences that can make him happy if he hears most of the time. You can use the ten happy sentences above as a reference to convey to your partner so that he is always smiling.

Jaka Haryanto

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