Keys to a Healthy Marriage

Aging together is one of the dreams that every couple always predicted when going to the aisle. However, to live it, you and your partner certainly do not like going through a free toll road. To keep a healthy marriage relationship, love is not enough. Blind love is dangerous.

What is needed in a healthy relationship? here are the keys:

1. Trust

Trust is a strong foundation for building emotional closeness. Without trust, your relationship can be filled with a lot of suspicions that can strain both you and your partner.

2. Communication

We are all very good at talking. But apparently, not all of us are good at communicating. Communicating honestly, being respectful of your partner's feelings, not being tendentious or corner, is not something that automatically builds in relationships. It takes both learning to make it happen.

3. Patience

The patience to support your partner and be more flexible (not a loser) when they are at their worst is a great asset. Your partner will feel unconditionally loved when you can adjust to the ups and downs of their moods.

4. Empathy

You are trying to understand your partner's perspective — even when you disagree with him, or she is a precious thing in a relationship. The empathy you give can make your partner feel better and supported. According to Bonior, understanding is essential for long-term love.

5. Small Attention

One of the most natural forms of love is caring little things like hugs, kisses, and pleasant touches. These gestures of affection can make everyone feel comfortable and safe in their relationship.

6. Compromise

You may have heard that compromise is required in any relationship between two people. Is understanding a bad thing? No, if the commitment accommodates the needs of you and your partner. An unhealthy compromise is when only one person makes decisions in the relationship, and one other person has to follow through.

7. Appreciation

Appreciation makes couples feel happier with their partners. The more satisfaction you get from your partner, the more grateful you will be for the relationship. Besides, the more you are valued for who you are, the more well-being in the relationship increases.

8. Room to Grow

Many people feel stuck and underdeveloped when they are married. This is a sign that your relationship is unhealthy. A healthy marriage encourages each couple to realize their interests and goals.

9. Respect

Many people attribute respect only to older people. But it is not. The connection is also needed in relationships. "In healthy relationships, people talk to each other in a way that is neither condescending nor condescending," says Bonior. Healthy relationships respect each other's time and privacy.

10. Conflict Resolution

Healthy relationships are those that openly resolve conflicts. Unfortunately, many couples hide their annoyance with each other to maintain harmony, which is an illusion. Because, at any time, frustration can turn into a time bomb that destroys relationships.

Jaka Haryanto

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