Lousy Impact of Gadgets on Husband and Wife Relationships

It cannot be denied that gadgets allow you to do many things from your hand's palm. This technology keeps you connected with everyone, including loved ones, when apart. However, like two blades, technology such as a smartphone or tablet can also save the potential for harmful effects that might happen to your relationship.

Some of them are as follows:

Making Lonely
How can communication technology make us lonely? Isn't he connecting? To answer it, perhaps you need to understand the following wise sentence "Technology brings the far closer and (can) distance the near." That's the principle. Nicole McCance, M.A., C. Psych., A psychologist who focuses on the family, sees a lot of domestic conflicts caused by gadgets.

According to McCance, a common problem experienced by married couples is one or both of them using their cell phones too much. Usually, they become disconnected from each other and grow lonely in the relationship. Some partners feel that they are not getting "quality time" in contact. When they have it, that time is still filled with one hand on the "like" button.

Relationship Dissatisfaction
Wade Sorochan, author of the book Unsocial Media: Virtual World Causing Real World Anxiety, says that a relationship filled with both partners who are addicted to gadgets or called phubbing usually indicates overall relationship dissatisfaction. Not only that, but they are also at risk of feeling dissatisfied with their personal life in general and experiencing depression.

Couples Feel Unimportant
Sorochan also said, "When you phubbing people, you know, you tell them that they are not as important as whatever you do on your cell phone."

Comparing Partners
You love your partner for who they are and feel grateful to have them until you see other people's posts showing their togetherness with your partner. That's where you may begin to question and compare the romance and even love of your partner. You start harassing yourself with the question, "Why doesn't my husband give me flowers?" Or "Why doesn't he do what other wives do?" Or "Why don't we ever go on romantic vacations like that?" At least this is another harmful effect that McCance also mentioned. According to him, instead of being inspired by the hashtag #relationshipgoals, which was once popular, you are more prone to conflict with your partner because you follow that hashtag.

Opportunity to Cheat Couples
Dr. Vagdevi Meunier, Psy.D, a holistic psychological expert in Austin, Texas, USA, stated that communication technology could allow people who are already paired to reconnect with old lovers or tease other people. He said, "The fact is, all the phones, laptops, and social networks that we are on 24/7 provide ample opportunity to cheat on your partner."

Increase the Risk of Divorce
Zack Carter, Ph.D., assistant professor of Communications at Taylor University, Indiana, USA, says that sending messages to each other via digital devices or social media with the opposite sex can destroy marital relationships. These conversations often involve emotional ventilation and discussion of sexual fantasies. Usually, the chat starts with talking about the kids' school, or work, but quickly moves on to conversations about complaints to each other and even talking about each other's interests. "Talking about sex and feelings with the opposite sex can quickly remove a married person from their partner emotionally and sexually in the real world," Carter said.

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