Protecting Children from Bullying at School

The rise of bullying cases in schools makes parents have to pay extra attention to their children. Even though it may seem trivial at times, bullying can be dangerous because it can take away a child's self-confidence. Children who are victims of bullying will usually shut down even to their parents. How do we know that our child has been the victim of bullying?

What is Bullying?

Bullying at school can be interpreted as an act of bullying against schoolmates who are considered weaker. This bullying can take many forms, from verbal abuse in the form of teasing or teasing to physical abuse. Children who are accustomed to teasing their friends will escalate into physical terror if they are not reminded right away.

Why Children Bullying?

Bullying has unconsciously become a deeply rooted tradition in schools. At first, the kids just made fun of other kids. However, recently, bullying cases have gotten worse and have become forms of physical violence. Why can children bully? Children bully other children for many reasons. At their age who are still in elementary school, their primary reason is to seek attention from their friends and parents. Another reason is that they feel they have the power to control other children. Then, many children imitate bullying scenes from adults or television programs.

Effects of Bullying on Schools

Bullying at school has long-term effects on both the victim and the bully. For victims, the bullying they experience can take away their confidence. Children will grow up to be closed and insecure. As for the bully, this behaviour can become a habit so that it increases their ego to enjoy the oppressive actions of others.

The real effect of bullying is that the victim will feel traumatized and afraid of the school world. This will increase the tendency to drop out of school. Then, some children who are accustomed to bullying at school later become violent adults, even criminals.

As parents, we must pay more attention to our children. Being a victim or bully is just as bad for their development. Therefore, the primary key to protecting children from bullying is educating them in the right way and working with schools to pay more attention to children.

Jaka Haryanto

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