Recommended YouTube Channels for Educational Children

Is there an impact on getting children to watch TV?

"If you don't watch it, your child won't eat." That is one of the reasons behind the frequency of mothers inviting their children to watch. There is an effect or not?

Watching tv or using gadgets in children under 18 months is not a good habit. Turning on the TV without even being viewed hurts children.

The reason is that it takes time until they are one and a half years old for a baby's brain to develop to understand what he sees on the screen, are things or images he sees in real life. Your child may appear interested or understand what he is seeing because the child is interested in staring at something bright and moving on the screen, but his brain is not yet able to process the meaning.

Watching habits for children at a very early age is said to hurt children's language development, reading ability, and short-term memory (short term memory). This can also have an impact on a child's sleep patterns and attention span. The habit of watching tv is even said to be like "junk food" for a child's brain.

Babies and young children should learn to interact with people around them, people in the real world. Children learn by touching something, shaking, or throwing. Children also learn by communicating with the people around them.

So, how do you prevent the adverse effects of watching TV on children?

First, always stay with your child while watching TV, or the like. Second, make sure the child attends something suitable for him, especially those that can educate children according to their age, such as learning about the alphabet and counting. It is recommended that mothers limit their children's viewing time, which is one hour per day, starting from 2 years to 5 years.

If your little one is now more than two years old and you want to provide quality viewing, let's take a look at some of the following YouTube channel recommendations for children.


This YouTube channel for kids is probably the one you know the best. Yes, this channel 'exploded' because of the song 'Baby Shark.' This song is not only liked by children, but many adults also sing this song. This song invites children to dance to the rhythm.

This YouTube channel displays many other adorable characters and invites children to learn in a fun way. For example, we are learning about animals and nature. Some songs teach children to save themselves when natural disasters occur. Let's click here to see exciting and educational videos for children.

Nussa Official

This is a local channel or the work of the nation's children. Nusa Official tells the story of two siblings, Nussa and Rara, with Islamic nuances. By watching this YouTube channel for children, we can teach children about religion and life values. Examples of the themes shown here include, for example, karma towards parents, prayer, to the invitation to eat vegetables.

Diva the Series

Tells the story of a little girl named Diva, who is always accompanied by her favorite cat, Pupus. This channel teaches a lot about socializing between children and their friends, and there are many moral messages in it. This YouTube channel for children is for elementary-age children.

Little Baby Bum

While singing, is one of the most fun ways to learn for children. Little Baby Bum has many famous children's songs, such as 'Johny Johny, Yes Papa' and 'Wheels On The Bus.' Through this YouTube channel for children, children can learn many things, such as memorizing the alphabet, learning to count, getting to know fruits, and so on. The songs in Little Baby Bum also teach children how to socialize and strengthen their relationships with parents and other knowledge.


Babybus is intended to educate children aged 2 to 5 through songs. The main goal is to teach children to know good habits, be independent, confident, and much other knowledge. The characters in it are guaranteed to attract your little one to learn.

Peppa Pig

Tells the story of a character named Peppa who lives with his family. In his daily life, Peppa always interacts and has adventures together. For example, playing bicycles, visiting grandparents, and playing together. The use of English is easy to understand, so that it can be a medium for learning English for your little one.

Omar and Hana

If your little one likes Upin and Ipin's shows, maybe he will also like Omar and Hana's YouTube channels, which also use Malaysian. This YouTube channel for children contains educational songs with Islamic nuances. For example, you are teaching about manners and prayer meals.


It is one of the other well-known YouTube channels for children and is one of the pioneers of a special children's channel. The main character on this channel is an adorable baby boy. Cocomelon contains education about preschool children. One of his most famous songs is ABC Song.

Riko The Series

Learning about religion and memorizing verses of the Koran is not easy. On this Riko The Series channel, not only about science and religion but also good songs containing short poems of the Koran.

Didi and Friends

With its main character, three cute and cute chicks, Didi and Friends will give your children the knowledge they need. For example, songs about safety while driving, songs about the benefits of fruit and vegetables, animals, and much more.


This YouTube channel for kids is just right, here, for little ones who like animals. Through this channel, children can learn about dinosaurs, insects, and other animals through exciting videos.

Jungle Beat

It is a YouTube channel for children who love animals. On this channel, each episode focuses on one animal with a unique story that it experiences. Through the Jungle Beat channel, it is hoped that it can build children's curiosity and entertain.

There are quite a lot of YouTube channels for children that can educate your little one? Start being selective again in choosing children's shows so that you and your little one can feel the positive effects.

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