Sensory Game Ideas for Kids

Do you know what sensory play is? Sensory play is a game that involves one or more of a child's senses. Sensory play will stimulate the functions of the five senses, namely sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. Apart from the five senses, there are two more, namely proprioceptive, which provides information about our limbs' position and activity; for example, when itching, we immediately know which ones to scratch without having to look at them. As well as the vestibular senses associated with body balance.

These seven senses are essential for development so that mothers and fathers need to provide stimulation through sensory play. Here are some ideas for children's sensory games that can be done at home:

1. Distinguishing coarse and fine textures

Moms can prepare flour, rice, sand, and other ingredients that have different textures. Let your little one hold and squeeze these materials and feel their various textures with their sense of touch.

2. Distinguish the kinds of flavors of food

Exercising the sense of taste can be done by distinguishing the taste of food. Mothers can prepare sugar, salt, orange juice, and other food ingredients with various flavors. Ask for a little ci to taste each one and explain how they taste.

3. Grouping colors

To introduce the various colors, you can play with color groups. Prepare toys of various colors, for example, pompoms and some containers. Then teach your little one to group the pompoms' colors and put them in their respective containers.

4. Play slime

This one game might be a little messy. Mothers can make their slime safe for children, mixing cornstarch, boiled water, and food coloring. Let your little one squeeze, feel the texture, and get creative with the slime. Even though it is made of safe materials, keep an eye on your little one when playing.

5. The sensory bottle

Playing with sensory bottles will train your little one by observing the bottle's contents and what happens when the bottle is moved. Making sensory bottles is also very easy. Just use an old clear bottle and fill it with various ingredients.

For example, you are filling a bottle with beads so that the child can hear how it sounds when the bottle is moved around. You can also fill a bottle with water mixed with dyes and glitter, make several colors so that the child distinguishes each color, and the child will observe the glitter in it. You can also fill it with leaves, water beads, pompoms, soapy water, etc.

Stimulating children's intelligence does not have to use expensive toys, even with materials at home. Good luck.

Jaka Haryanto

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