Want to Create a Social Media Account for Kids? Consider This

Social media has positive and negative impacts that you must understand, including when you want to create social media accounts for children. As new parents, showing off all the funny things from our little ones is undoubtedly a source of pride. If the adorable photos or videos that we upload get many netizens' responses, it will undoubtedly add to our satisfaction. This is the reason some parents create social media accounts for their little ones.

However, you still have to consider the negative side that could harm your baby. The risk of bullying to kidnapping should not be underestimated.

How to safely manage your little one's social media accounts so that irresponsible parties do not misuse them? These are the three mandatory things that you must consider.

Doesn't Include a Location Tag
When uploading a photo of your little one, it's good not to include a location tag that shows the location. When you add your location tag, it's easy for people to find where you are. This means that at that moment, it can also trigger bad people to find your location quickly. For that, avoid including location tags.

Don't Include Detailed Info about Your Little One
For your little one's social media account, it's unnecessary to include too detailed information, both in the bio and when providing a caption on uploaded photos. This personal information should only be known to parents and close relatives.

Don't Upload Photos That Are Too Private
For parents, it was uploading a photo of your little one while bathing or swimming may look very cute and adorable. However, it is photos like this that pose much danger. Especially if you add hashtags that make searching easier, personal pictures like this are enough for private collections, don't distribute them to the public.

As parents, the safety of our children is, of course, the main thing. Do not let our fun endanger our children. For that, please share the right ideas on your little one's social media. For personal matters, you should not share it on social media accounts.

It's okay to upload photos, videos, or things related to child development and parenting, but don't let your posts backfire. It's best to avoid over-sharing the development of children's social media problems or what is commonly known as sharenting.

Jaka Haryanto

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