Benefits of Ballet for Your Little One

For Mama Papa who has a little girl, it is undeniable that at the beginning of the child's development, Mama Papa wants to direct them by involving your little one in dance classes such as ballet.

There are so many beauties that are offered when we want to see someone doing ballet movements, such as the grace, calmness, and ease of wrapping their bodies on stage. Not only training children's motor skills, but ballet also provides many other benefits.

Ballet class for your little one is not just about teaching how to dance and perform on stage. Here are five benefits of ballet for your little one.

Benefits of Ballet for Practicing Child Discipline
For Mama Papa, teach as early as possible to train discipline for your little one. There are many ways to practice discipline, but for small children, practising discipline needs to use creative methods so that your little one can more easily grasp the meaning of discipline itself. One of them is through ballet class. In ballet classes, you will be accustomed to practising according to a predetermined schedule with rules that are also set during the ballet class so that your little one can cultivate an attitude of discipline from an early age.

Benefits of Ballet for Learning to Work in Teams
Ballet shoes are divided into two parts, some are dancing on stage alone, and some are in groups. In general, if the ballet dancers are still very young, they will perform ballet dances together with the group. Your little one will then learn how to arrange lines, remember movements and positions as well as standing positions between friends. Ballet will train your little one to understand better teamwork in harmonizing movements and stunning performances on stage.

Benefits of Ballet to Train Child Psychology in Pressure
If Mama Papa has children who tend to be shy, maybe ballet classes can be one solution. In ballet, your little one will be taught to practice in front of many people, both during class and on-stage performances. Your little one's mentality will be honed to be bolder because your little one will be trained to remember some dance moves that will be adjusted to your child's age. The little one is then taught to be responsible for remembering the movements and presenting them in front of friends and front of Mama Papa later when performing on stage.

Benefits of Ballet in Learning to Appreciate Around
Ballet will form the character of your little one even better because ballet also teaches manners and manners in every movement. After showing something, your little one is then taught to give respectful greetings on stage. Ballet also aims to shape the character of your little one by following any directions from the teacher who teaches the movements. The little one is then also taught to give awards in the form of applause for peers who have finished showing their performance.

Benefits of Ballet to Train Children's Motoric
Ballet movements are very capable of training children's motor skills because, at the beginning of each class session, your little one will be taught how to warm up properly before starting to practice so that your little one's body doesn't cramp. After that, the little one is then taught to follow new movements, such as raising both hands, turning, bending, dancing while holding the ribbon, jumping and other movements that are done repeatedly, this also trains the memory in the child in memorizing the movements given. After practice, your little one will then be taught to stretch the body with a ballet dance instructor.

When your little one is practising, Mama Papa is advised to accompany your little one. Mama Papa will also see your little one's progress in practising ballet. Don't forget to give praise to your little one, Mama Papa, because it will make your little one psychologically more appreciated and be more enthusiastic about joining the next ballet class. No need to worry, is also here to help Mama Papa in choosing and finding the right ballet class for your little one. Good luck!

Jaka Haryanto

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