Energy Boosters for Fatigue Mothers

There are countless times when mothers spend in a day cooking, preparing school supplies for their children and husbands, taking their children to school, washing clothes, cleaning the bed, and other routines. I can't count how much energy my MotherMother expends in one day to complete this homework. Not to mention the energy that must be prepared for work.

Mother is undoubtedly exhausted because all of her energy has been drained to finish the house and office work. Is there a way to get your energy back in a short time?

You can try some of the following energy boosters to increase the energy that has been depleted in a day.

Get some exercise

The first thing that can increase the energy of tired mothers is by exercising. Yes, of course, some disagree with this one method. But, believe it or not, by exercising your body and mind will be fresher. This condition makes the Mother'sMother's energy return to normal.

We recommend that you don't choose sports that require a lot of energy, aka strenuous exercise. Just do light exercise like jogging, treadmill, or yoga.

Have a Quiet Dinner

Some mothers like to leave dinner or not eat dinner because of diet reasons or lazy to eat because there is still a lot of homework waiting to be done.

This is natural, but it would be better if you also spend dinner moderately quietly without thinking about other work—this method, you can do to restore the energy that has been depleted from morning tonight.

Breathe Fresh Air

Want to increase energy? How about you try to get some fresh air now and then. Maybe you can open all the house windows and turn off the air conditioner for a while and try to breathe the fresh air outside. Or, if you are driving by car, you can also open the car window. Even though the air on the road may be mixed with vehicle pollution, at least you can feel other air beside the air from the car air conditioner.

For mothers who are already in the office, they can also open all the windows in the morning before other colleagues enter. If this is difficult enough, you should get out of the office for a while, such as on the office veranda, to get some fresh air—this method you can do to increase the energy that has been wasted since the morning.

Chewing gum

Another way you can increase your energy level is to eat chewing gum. Yes, maybe that sounds pretty weird to a mom who doesn't really like chewing gum. But, try this way occasionally. Who knows, after chewing gum, Mom will have a better mood and become enthusiastic about doing other work.

Express Walk

Who increases the energy that has been drained by traveling? If you are one of them, then this one method is good enough to increase tired mothers' energy.

Especially if you try to take a walk in the mall looking at cute knick-knacks, work clothes, Korean-style skincare, or anything else that can improve your mood so that your energy will also increase.

Snack wisely

Who doesn't like snacking? Everyone likes snacking, including mothers. Well, snacking on food can increase your energy after being drained to complete various kinds of work. But remember, you should snack wisely so that your weight doesn't increase because of this.

Drink Cold Drinks

Another way that can be done to increase energy for tired mothers is by consuming cold drinks. You can try various cold drinks such as cold juices, cold coffee or tea, etc. But, please consume cold mineral water, which is certainly healthier for your body.

Consumption of Supplements Doctor's Recommended

Do you feel exhausted and weak because you have used up your energy to complete various work? And, have all the methods above been tried, but did not get maximum results? If this is the case, then you can consult a doctor to prescribe supplements that can increase your energy when you are tired.

Set Mindset

Did you know that regulating your mindset can also be used as a way to increase energy?

Yes, it sounds complicated and unusual, but by setting the mindset that you are not tired, even though your body feels tired, it is enough to make your brain send signals to the body. The signal that is sent will command the body as if your body is re-energized.


The last way that can be done to increase energy for tired mothers is to rest. It's a good idea to take a nap now and then on a day off or sleep early at night so that your energy can return in the morning. Remember, homework can still wait to be done tomorrow, ma'am.

No mother is not tired after completing various kinds of household chores every day.

Unfortunately, even after completing homework, there are still other tasks, such as office work, that must be completed immediately. Now, to complete office work or other work, you need to have additional energy.

You can do some of the methods above to increase the energy that has been drained to return to your energy to complete other work that has not been completed. Good luck, and keep up the spirit!

Jaka Haryanto

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