Types of Modern Father

For men, the presence of the baby has brought various kinds of changes in him. Although it may seem simple, it makes men or new dads a little afraid, worried, awkward, and other feelings that often lead to postpartum depression.

Many new fathers work furiously because they are afraid of not providing for new family members. Finally, my father's time is spent on work matters compared to having quality time with his wife and children.

In carrying out the duties as a new father, there are several types of modern fathers that we have summarized for you. Which type of modern father do you think?

Hardworking Father Type
The first type of modern father is a type of father who works hard. For the father, who always works hard at all times, the only thing that matters is to make ends meet, his children, wife, and household. This type of father will work full time, so he rarely meets his wife and children. For him, the responsibility of raising and educating children is only the responsibility of the wife. But, Father guarantees that the children and wives do not have to worry about all their needs because it is inevitable that they can be adequately fulfilled.

Big Bro Daddy type
For Dad, who belongs to the type of Big Bro Daddy means that you always want to be a friend or friend of children. This type of father will always try to be beside the child, invite the child to play, accompany him in various activities, and do not dream of disciplining the children. For him, children are like little friends who can accompany his hard life as a father. So don't be surprised if this type of Dad spoils the kids a little.

Humorous Father Type
This type of father is often loved by all family members because of his humorous behavior and brings joy to the family. Humorous dads are very good at entertaining children who are fussy or sad because of their ability to humor with children.

So, for a wife who has a husband like this, there is no need to worry about fussy children, because she will always calm the children.

Standby Dad type
The standby father type is often defined as a father who is always ready to take and care for children and his wife. But not only that, but the type of standby father also means that the father is willing to participate in helping Mother's work at home to make it lighter.

For example, willing to clean the house when you cook or cook when you are giving your little one breast milk. This type of standby father is willing to do anything for the happiness of mother and child. This type is what mothers often crave. So, do you belong to this type?

Supervisory Father type
It is almost the same as the type of standby father, this type of supervisory father whose hobby is to supervise every child's growth and development, the child's health, and everything the child needs, for example. Schedule for child health control and schedule for child immunization until children need to be trained for potty training. It's not that you don't believe in the mother's ability, but Dad wants to carry out his role as a great father.

The type of father who is a social media fan
This type of father of social media fans is very representative of the modern generation. For him, every moment of the baby's development must always be immortalized in social media. Whether in the form of status, photos, or videos. Not because they want to show off happiness, but the goal might be that your little one can look back at himself as a child when they grow up. So it is not uncommon; every time you open your eyes in the morning, this type of father always reports his baby's development to his social media friends.

Smart Father Type
This type of smart Dad always tries to learn about parenting through books, seminars, or parenting websites. This type of father tries to help his wife care for the baby while doing a busy job. This type of smart father is also good at managing time for family, friends, and office work.

Competitive Father Type
If you always compare your kids to your friends, then you could be a competitive dad. This type of father always compares the growth and development of his children with other children. For him, child development is like a competition that must be won. The faster and more for his children's growth and development, the more proud he will be as a father. On the other hand, the slower his children grow than other children, the more disappointed Dad will be.

Paranoid Father Type
This paranoid father type is always afraid of everything. For example, fear when left alone with your little one. This type of father worries if he can't handle his little one crying or is fussy. Usually, this type of father will always ask for help from others to care for the baby. This type of father also feels insecure about everything he does for his little one.

Household Father
Some people may underestimate the household father. However, this type of household father helps Mother's work at home. The reason is, household fathers will take turns looking after and caring for the baby when the mother is out to work. Only then, when the father has to finish office work at home, the mother can take turns caring for the baby. Modern fathers are starting to have this type of household father!

Being a father is not easy, so you need to learn a lot to care for your baby. Even though you don't have much time to care for your baby due to work matters, you should still spend quality time for your family, especially for your children. Why? Yes, because Dad is very instrumental in educating children's character.

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